Gelato is Italy’s version of ice cream which has less butterfat than ice cream. At Chocolat, we make our gelato fresh onsite daily using only the finest ingredients, including products imported from Italy. Our 25-30 flavors, some seasonal, include creamy unions of milk & fresh cream and our fruit sorbet is blended with savory fresh fruit.

Our gelato products include honey covered hazelnuts, the finest pistachio from Italy and some of the best chocolate selections available. We use large quantities of cocoa each year and our chocolate blending is made from cocoa powders from all over the world. Our dark chocolate is strong, bitter and powerful! Our passion for chocolates and fine foods, and our obsession with perfection, drive us to make gelato that is absolutely incomparable in flavor and taste. The best in San Diego and Southern California for sure!

  One Flavor: $5.95     Two Flavors: $6.95
  Small: $5.95     Medium: $6.95     Large: $7.95
  2 gelato flavors $7.95
  2 gelato flavors $7.95

*Some Gelato Flavors are Seasonal and Subject to Change

Chocolate Flavors
Non-Chocolate Flavors
Fruit Flavors
Special Gelato Desserts